Young DaDaFest

Young DaDaFest

Young DaDaFest 2009
‘It's been a great show we have had a great time, my son is thrilled to have taken part.' (feedback quote).
Young DaDaFest 2009 was a huge success, the event was held at the CUC and over 370 young people's family and friends attended the event. The event comprised of unmissable performances by Disabled/Deaf young people. There were performances by Ashfield Bank View School, Redbridge School, Bank View North School, Craig McDonald and the Liverpool Signing Choir
The Award recipient for the Young DaDaFest Performance Award 2009 was Redbridge School for ‘Paintings with Partridge'
The Award recipient for the Young DaDaFest Creative Writing Award 2008 was Sandfield Park School for 'Heroes and Helicopters'
The awards were presented by Nico Mirallegro - aka ‘Newt' from channel 4's Hollyoaks and the Lord Mayor of Liverpool Council Mike Storey CBE attended the event.

"If the ages of the young artists were not included, you would have assumed this was an adult exhibition worthy of the Tate. From just looking at the photographs, masks, reliefs and paintings, it is not hard to see the future is indeed bright for disability arts in Liverpool." from a review of the Young DaDaFest exhibition, Disability Arts Online, 2009.

Young DaDaFest Exhibition 2009
‘Inspirational, such a diverse exhibition' (feedback quote)
As part of DaDaFest 2009 we were proud to present an exhibition in partnership with National Museums Liverpool and PhotoVoice. Each piece of work was created by a Disabled/Deaf artist aged between 13 and 19.
People attending the exhibition had a chance to vote for their favorite piece of work, the artwork with the most votes was awarded the Visual Arts Award 2009. The Award recipient for the Young DaDaFest Visual Arts Award 2009 was John Dunbar for his photograph "Sand". The Award recipient for The Public Vote Visual Arts Award was Michael Robinson.

If you have any ideas for Young DaDaFest 2010 please contact us on [email protected]

Here's some pics from Young DaDaFest 2009:

Exhibition at NML:



Young DaDaFest 2009:




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