Another Perspective

Another Perspective

From February to March 2011, DaDa ran a visual arts project with 13 disabled and deaf people aged 13-19 in collaboration with Tate Liverpool and FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology). The ten workshops were led by practising artists Alex Harrison and Roz Hyde, based on work from the A Sense of Perspective exhibition at Tate Liverpool.

Alex led workshops to produce an animation which used collages of photographs the young people took illustrating examples of a visual sense of perspective. These collages were then used in a stop motion animation, with the images moving just a fraction for each frame. You can view the animation here:


Roz led workshops with the young people considering their own perspectives in a different way, producing paintings and drawings of their ideas. For some of the young people, their sense of perspective was shaped by their interests, for example Ellen produced this mixed media work about her favourite foods. Others produced work inspired by how they feel about their place in society, including this drawing by William of a dragon.

This project was funded by the Youth Opportunities Fund and is part of DaDa's ongoing work with young disabled and deaf people increasing access and opportunities to the arts.

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