DaDaFest 2012
13th July - 2nd September

DaDaFest is the UK's Disability and Deaf Arts festival, bringing artists from across the globe to showcase the best in Disability and Deaf Arts. DaDaFest International 2010 attracted an audience of almost 80,000 visitors to wide range of events and exhibitions.

Planning is now underway for DaDaFest 2012. It will be based in leading arts venues across Liverpool, reaching out with events happening across the UK as well as broadcasts, debates and much more online.

It will examine how disability affects the lives of us all, with a focus on:
•    Examining the exchanges that occur between people and technology in the broad context of disability politics
•    Fluid Bodies: Looking at how our bodies are not stable or unchanging through our lives but alter depending upon age and a wide variety of other situations
•    Shifting Identities: Exploring how our sense of who we are is bound up with our bodies

A highlight of DaDaFest 2012 will be Niet Normaal: Difference on Display (translated from Dutch as ‘Not Normal’) which will take place as part of DaDaFest at the Bluecoat. Niet Normaal has been co-curated by Garry Robson and Ine Gevers in partnership with the Bluecoat. An adaptation of a successful Amsterdam-based exhibition Niet Normaal includes new commissions and an accompanying programme of talks and films posing the questions ‘what is normal and who decides?’.

The festival inspires and celebrates talent and excellence in disability and deaf arts and is an important date in the arts calendar for anyone interested in new perspectives, examining what shapes our identity within an ever changing world or just looking to be entertained!

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Visit the DaDaFest International 2010 festival website at:

DaDaFest International 2008 video

The film is audio described, it does not have subtitles as it is very visual.



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