Artists Professional Development

Artists Professional Development


DaDa-Disability and Deaf Arts acknowledges Disability and Deaf Arts as distinct cultural identities.  This cultural perspective has the power to inform, educate and effect change within mainstream arts practice, the creative industries and society as a whole.

DaDa-Disability and Deaf Arts's artistic programme aims to promote the work of Disabled and Deaf artists locally, nationally and internationally by celebrating and showcasing and promoting the work of Disability and Deaf Arts. 

The annual programme of arts activity is developed to encourage participation with a wide range of people, from those who are new to the arts through to developing the skills and talents of established artists

DaDa-Disability and Deaf Arts supports the artistic development of artists and assists them in accessing opportunities for employment and self-employment through activities including:

Employment support through showcasing artists, particularly at DaDaFest, representing artists to promoters and event managers and working as a professional artists agency 

Showcasing events with touring and local artists

Artist skills development including stagecraft, auditioning and professional writing 



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